Biofortified plants can help boost food production

Health officials in the US are hoping to find ways to regenerate biofortified plant material by converting it into fertilizer.

They’ve already taken steps to make it more bio-friendly by converting the sugars found in the plant’s roots into bio-fuel.

But now, a team of researchers have developed a process that converts sugars into an energy source.

They say their process could be used to create biofuels from cellulose, which could be useful for crop production, or even renewable energy.

Biofortified materials, which are used as feedstock for biofuel production, have been on the market for decades.

But they have been hard to use in food production.

Biofortification is the process by which sugars and other plant components are added to feed the plants, helping them grow and produce food.

It is widely used for feed and livestock production.

The research team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that by turning the sugars in cellulose into a bio-energy source, they could use it to make biofuel.

The team has been working to create a way to turn the sugars into a plant-based fertilizer, and has made some progress.

The new method involves using a catalyst, a substance that creates a reaction with the sugars, to convert the sugars to an energy molecule.

The researchers have also developed a way of making the catalyst to use a small amount of the sugar, as opposed to more than one gram.

“We have made a catalyst that is about a half a gram, so it can easily be added to the plant without having to worry about it being harmful,” said Dr Michael Bienstock, a professor of materials science and engineering and co-author of the study.

“It’s a pretty exciting way to create something that can actually be used in food processing.”

The researchers found that they could convert the sugar into a small molecule, called pyruvate, which they could then use to make a plant fuel.

“If we can make a catalyst for pyruvic acid, which is the precursor to the precursor pyruvalinate, we can use that as a plant fertilizer,” Bienstaff said.

“And that is the catalyst for biofuel, which we can also convert to biofuelle and use as fertilizer.”

The process is similar to that used by some plants to convert sugars into carbohydrates.

For example, soybeans and cotton are made by converting sugars into cellulose and then turning it into a source of energy.

The team is currently working on developing a more complex catalyst that can convert cellulose to pyruvia, which would be useful in a variety of applications, including biofuel production.


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