How to build a water tower using a few simple blocks

A new water tower that uses a few blocks of clay to create a miniature windmill has been unveiled.

The windmill is part of a project called ‘subnauts’, which is a combination of the word ‘sub’ and the word nautica.

It uses a series of blocks that are similar to those found in the Subnautics, a series that is also known as the ‘Mammoth’.

The windmills are made using the same techniques as the Submautics and have an interesting history.

The Subnauts project was inspired by the idea of building a miniature version of a space station that would contain the resources that would sustain the crew of a manned mission to Mars.

It was originally conceived as a hobby project, but soon became a reality in the form of a full-scale production.

Subnauts uses a number of common building blocks to build its structures, including an ‘enclosure’ that is built into a block of clay and a ‘pile’ of sand.

It is possible to build these structures out of regular blocks of the same size, but it takes a bit of ingenuity to get them to scale.

The process involves using clay as a building material, which is used to form a ‘layer’ of clay-like material that can be layered on top of the surrounding layers of sand to form the structure.

It takes a lot of patience to work out how to construct this kind of structure from scratch, but the Submins work out of the basement of a local brewery, which makes sure that all of the building blocks are of the right quality.

The whole process took two months and required a lot more than the typical construction, as they needed to build the structure using a combination to get the most out of it.

One of the most exciting parts of this project is that the Subminators team has made it possible to create windmuses out of standard blocks of sand and clay.

This is a real innovation in building, as it is a very straightforward way of building something from the ground up.

It allows the team to get away from the traditional method of building large structures with a few different blocks and instead focus on smaller structures using the techniques that were previously used to construct them.

If you are interested in learning more about the Submilions windmuse project, then check out the project website and follow them on Twitter.


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