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It’s the first time in more than a decade that the United Nations has made a prediction about how much land will be needed to accommodate a growing population.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Marrakesh in Morocco, is expected to bring more than 20 million climate-change refugees to the Middle East and Africa.

The Conference is expected also to produce a landmark agreement that will limit the use of fossil fuels, which are currently the biggest threat to the planet’s climate.

The main issue is the size of the world’s land mass, and its inability to support any more people.

The world’s total land area is projected to reach 9.5 trillion hectares (18.2 trillion acres), according to the United Nation’s Global Land Use Database.

The database also indicates that the global population will grow from 7.8 billion people in 2035 to 9.1 billion people by 2050.

The new global land-use projections indicate that there is about a 60% chance of an increase in global population from 6.3 billion people to 8.1 trillion people, or 6.6 billion people per year, according to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

The Intergovernmental panel’s report, The State of the Planet in 2050: Global Land Use and Urbanization , was issued last year.

The report states that the planet could use 1.9 billion more people by 2035 and 9.9 million more people per capita by 2050, which would mean a total population of about 9.7 billion people.

That means a total land mass of 1.5 billion square kilometers (0.8 square miles). 

According to the report, the land area of the planet has expanded more than 70 percent since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

The area of land has increased by an average of 2.6 meters per year over the past century, the report states. 

The report states there is an urgent need for a global strategy to achieve sustainable population growth and that the rapid growth of population in the past 50 years has been accompanied by a rapid expansion of the population of developed countries.

The IPCC also states that this rapid expansion has resulted in an acceleration in deforestation, especially in Asia. 

In 2016, the Inter-American Development Bank said that the population growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is expected in the coming decades to surpass the size in Europe and North America, and that by 2030, the region’s population could exceed the population in Australia and New Zealand combined.

The World Bank predicts that by the end of the century, Latin America, Africa and Asia will account for half of the total population. 

“The current population growth rate is accelerating,” said the World Bank in its report. 

 “There is no doubt that the current population-growth trend will have a profound impact on our climate, land use and biodiversity,” the report said.

“The main cause of the current situation is a massive population increase that has occurred at the same time as an accelerated increase in deforestation.

The increase in population is a direct consequence of this increase in the population density, which is a consequence of an acceleration of deforestation.”

The report also says that the projected increase in tropical deforestation is leading to a higher than expected rate of coral bleaching.

This is a major threat to coral reefs and the ecosystem services that support them.

The report warns that the trend towards population growth is likely to continue unless major steps are taken to address this trend. 

This is the first report to be issued by the UN climate conference and the report is being jointly released by the World Meteorological Organization and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 

“With a rapidly growing world population, the world needs a global response to its climate challenges, and the Intergroup has proposed several policies that will provide that response,” said John Osterholm, Secretary General of the InterGroup.

“These include a commitment to make the Earth habitable by 2050 and to reduce population growth by 80% by 2050 to maintain sustainable levels of population.

This will require a global land management strategy to be adopted.”

The Intergroup’s policy recommendations include policies to:  – increase the proportion of natural land suitable for agriculture;- protect biodiversity and enhance the natural systems of ecosystems;- promote the establishment of sustainable livelihoods for people;- support the development of sustainable energy and biofuels;- reduce poverty;- improve the resilience of countries to natural disasters;- and improve food security.

“These actions are critical to achieve a livable planet and to ensure that our children have the opportunity to enjoy healthy lifestyles in the future,” Osterhammer added. 

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