The Bible says you shouldn’t go thirsty, but if you do, you’re not doing the job

Resources are a vital part of the world’s survival, but we’re not quite sure how much of a role we should play in it.

For those of us who live in a country where drinking water is scarce and there are no reliable sources of fresh water, drinking is a major part of our everyday existence.

We can drink water from our taps, or drink it from the tap of someone else who’s drinking it, and we can even get drunk from a tap.

And we do drink water.

It’s in our veins, it’s in the water, it makes us thirsty, and it’s an important part of life.

But for those of you who do not, drinking water can be an existential crisis.

We are at the mercy of our bodies and our environments, and our thirst is a common, everyday human emotion.

But how does water in a healthy body compare to water in unhealthy ones?

If you’ve never been thirsty, let’s look at how you can get rid of it and find the best way to replenish your own water supply.1.

Get an empty water bottle2.

Find out what the government is doing about water3.

Drink your water4.

Find a good source5.

Put your water bottle in your fridge6.

Drink water in the shower7.

Put a bucket in the bathroom8.

Put an empty glass bottle in the toilet9.

Take a shower and take a shower once a week10.

Put in a tub11.

Put the empty water in your garden12.

Put empty water containers in your yard13.

Put it in your car14.

Put water in an icebox15.

Put rainwater in a plastic bottle16.

Put food scraps in a container17.

Put plastic buckets in a cup18.

Put small plastic containers in a bucket19.

Put sand or clay in a jar20.

Put dirt in a bowl21.

Put ice in a glass bottle22.

Put toothpaste in a tube23.

Put paper towels in a coffee cup24.

Put toilet paper in a box25.

Put paint in a spray bottle26.

Put cardboard boxes in a cart27.

Put trash bags in a garbage bag28.

Put metal containers in cans29.

Put canned goods in a can30.

Put concrete blocks in a concrete bowl31.

Put gravel in a dump32.

Put garbage in a trash can33.

Put wood in a wheelbarrow34.

Put cans in your backyard35.

Put compost in your kitchen pot36.

Put newspaper in your bin37.

Put dried food in your refrigerator38.

Put potpourri in your cup39.

Put cereal in your plate40.

Put frozen food in a bag41.

Put soap in a dish42.

Put baby food in the microwave43.

Put laundry detergent in a bottle44.

Put chicken coop in your closet45.

Put clothes in a shopping bag46.

Put baking soda in a saucepan47.

Put milk in your milk shake48.

Put salt in a water bottle49.

Put coffee in a mug50.

Put dry ice in your bathwater51.

Put shampoo in your hand52.

Put cheese in your bottle53.

Put sugar in your can54.

Put butter in your coffee can55.

Put chocolate in your chocolate bar56.

Put yogurt in a ice cream maker57.

Put fresh fruit in a fruit basket58.

Put bread in your cookie cutter59.

Put peanut butter in a sandwich pouch60.

Put potato chips in a candy cane61.

Put beef jerky in a barber chair62.

Put baked beans in your microwave63.

Put hot dogs in a meat tenderizer64.

Put crackers in a loaf of bread65.

Put popcorn in a pop tin66.

Put cookies in a baking pan67.

Put honey in your tea bag68.

Put apples in a sugar cube69.

Put grapes in a pomegranate cup70.

Put bananas in a cantaloupe cup71.

Put onions in a cucumber cup72.

Put lettuce in a lettuce bag73.

Put carrots in a cabbage cup74.

Put sweet potatoes in a squash cup75.

Put tomatoes in a tomato sauce 76.

Put peppers in a cilantro pot77.

Put potatoes in mashed potatoes78.

Put strawberries in a strawberry sauce79.

Put cucumber in a potato mash80.

Put spinach in a spinach sauce81.

Put garlic in a garlic sauce82.

Put chilli flakes in a chile sauce83.

Put pepper powder in a pepper sauce84.

Put corn chips in corn flakes85.

Put chives in a mustard sauce86.

Put vinegar in a vinegar sauce87.

Put balsamic vinegar in an amaretto sauce88.

Put lime juice in a limeade89.

Put soy sauce in a soy sauce sauce90.

Put cayenne pepper in a chili sauce91.

Put mustard in a red pepper sauce92


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