The Subnautic Rescue team gets new ship

WOLCEN, Alaska — The Sub nautica team is back at work, and the crew is growing stronger.

The crew of the ship’s last big jump in the last decade is ready to move on from the Arctic and back to the tropics.

But, the team’s first mission is now a bit of a challenge: It’s trying to get water from an icy shelf that has become submerged.

The crew is using the ship to rescue two of its own members.

The Sub nauts have survived the ice age, but the submersible has been out of commission for almost a year.

But the sub team wants to do something about that.

The team is rebuilding the sub.

It’s got a new ship and a new mission.

The team’s new sub, called the Polar Explorer, is a two-stage submersive ocean exploration vehicle.

The Polar Explorer was launched into the Arctic Ocean in 2010.

The Sub sub is now in the final stages of recovery from its first voyage in late 2018, when the sub reached a depth of 9,000 feet.

The submersibles hull is made of a composite material called carbon fiber reinforced polyethylene.

The materials are lightweight and strong, so the team can move the sub underwater in less than three minutes.

The submerses team is now getting ready to make a series of three trips to the ice shelf to collect water.

The first two trips will occur on the ship on the ice and on land, then the Polar explorers crew will use its boat to bring the sub back to sea.

The last trip will occur underwater, and will take the Sub naps to recover.

Wolcena, Alaska, has been the site of one of the biggest ice-free jumps in the history of the world, when it reached a thickness of 4,500 feet on July 1, 2012.

The jump was the first in a series.

The Ice Explorer was the second-longest jump in history, after the first jump of 4500 feet by the Submarine Rescue Team in December, 2000.

That jump took almost two hours.


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