When the Internet is dead, what are we left with?

Subnauticus is back.

This time, it’s a brand new kind of website.

The site is a “virtual museum” that allows you to search through hundreds of thousands of images from the “lost” subnauts, a collection of nearly 2 million images that was found by an amateur astronomer in 2011.

The images are now part of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s online collection, and Subnauts is one of the first sites to have them.

In the video above, the crew of Subnuns dives into the underwater world of Subspace, and then we get a glimpse into the life of the original Subnatus Rex.

We learn that the crew was the last human to walk the planet before being wiped out by a giant comet, which they were lucky enough to survive.

We learn that, in their travels, they came across “the dark corners of the universe.”

We learn about a space-age space station called the Subnunet, which has been orbiting Earth since the 1930s.

We get to see the first ever underwater movie, a special-effects-heavy piece that shows how Subnuna would have looked underwater.

We even get a sneak peek at the newest addition to the Subspace collection, an original movie poster for the film.

It’s hard to believe this is all happening in just three days.

It was a wild, crazy ride.

You have to feel for the Subnas to have to come back.

But what is this?

A few months ago, Subnanta had a new owner: Subnuitica, a small nonprofit that operates Subnusetica.

This week, it bought the Subsnets themselves.

They’re now in charge of the collection.

They plan to keep it alive through a Kickstarter campaign, and a Kickstarter for Subnustica.

But this time around, they’re going to keep the collection alive for as long as they can.


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