Which is the world’s most biodiverse planet?

The planet that hosts a quarter of all life on Earth has more biodiversity than the entire planet of Africa, the United Nations has said.

The report, published in Nature on Tuesday, looked at the health of more than 300 biological species on more than 5,000 planets from all around the solar system.

It said that while most planets were similar in their ecosystems, some were much more biodiverse.

The research team, led by a PhD student in the department of molecular biology at the University of Queensland, looked specifically at the life on some planets that are home to so many different species that they would require their own specialised taxonomic system to be known.

They looked at how biodiversity varies across a planet’s ecosystems and compared it to the diversity of ecosystems on Earth.

The researchers compared the biodiversity on each planet’s surface with Earth’s and compared that to that on Mars, the planet with the largest known biota.

The researchers found that most of the world is more biodiverted than it was before the industrial revolution, with biodiversity on Earth at least 25 per cent greater than it is today.

The team also looked at whether the planet’s biota have changed in the last 100 years and found some indications that they have.

The findings, which were published in the journal Science, suggest that biodiversity on many planets has increased since the Industrial Revolution.

It found that the average life on the planet is now more diverse than the average species on Earth and on many of the planets that it studied, such as Mars, there was a positive correlation between diversity and the planet.

However, the authors also found that life on many Earth-like planets has changed in recent decades.

“The planet is changing more rapidly than it has for a long time.

In particular, the diversity is not uniform across the planet,” the researchers wrote.

The change is linked to a number of factors, including the effects of climate change, which can lead to changes in biodiversity, said lead author Dr Amy Linton, from the Department of Molecular Biology at the Queensland University of Technology.

“These changes may be linked to changes to the biosphere itself, or to changes at the level of the biota itself, like the way that they are changing in response to changes on the surface.”

While some planets have a higher biodiversity, it is still more than most, and it is unclear what the long-term impacts of such changes will be on the biotic balance of the planet, said co-author Dr David Anderson, from Griffith University.

“We don’t know if we will have as diverse a biota as we used to have, and we don’t have an indication of how many species there will be if the planet changes again,” he said.

“It’s hard to tell.”

“If we can get a good understanding of how biodiversity evolves over time, we can make predictions about how biodiversity may change in the future.”

Biodiversity can be measured in terms of how much of a particular type of plant or animal species it contains.

It is also measured by how many of these types of organisms live on a particular planet.

Dr Linton said it was important to understand the different forms of biodiversity that exist on Earth because the Earths biota are being changed rapidly, and because many of its species are changing rapidly.

“What we are seeing in the Earth is a really interesting kind of biodiversity, and this is a form of biodiversity in which there are many different kinds of life, or many different types of life types,” she said.”[The diversity] depends on the ecosystem, the climate, and the biome.

It depends on how biodiversity is distributed.”

Biosynthesis is the process by which plants and animals produce their own food.

Biodiversity is the amount of biodiversity a particular life form has on the Earth.

It is thought that many types of plants and organisms, such, cyanobacteria, algae, and fungi, produce their energy from photosynthesis, or photosynthesis from carbon dioxide.

“This process involves photosynthesis of organic matter,” Dr Linton explained.

“For example, algae use oxygen as an energy source.

Plants use water to grow, and photosynthesis can then take place.”

Biology professor and co-founder of the Centre for Ecology and Biogeography at Griffith University, Dr Tim Grosjean, said the results from the research were encouraging, and they showed that there was room for future work to improve the way biomes are mapped.

“With the current knowledge, it’s clear that Earth is very diverse.

We have a lot of biodiversity to improve, but it’s really important that we get the right data on the number of species in a particular place and how they are related,” he told the ABC.”

To improve biodiversity, we need to map the biomes of the Earth.”

Dr GrosJean said that we now know that the world was once dominated by


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